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The eerie quietness is a common companion for those aboard The Einsamkeit or, to those who have been on the vessel long enough or even those who know what it means to work in a cargo carrier, The Lonely. It’s like an inside joke; people think the “lucky” few who spend life in space are happy. What’s happy about spending your time visiting other worlds to only look at them from the hold or hangers. Others who know truth know they’re not important. They are the ants, the shifty bridge that connects people to their wants and desires.

“Captain?” A lanky man walked into the center of the ship’s small bridge, He placed his hand on the head of the captain’s chair. The one occupying it seems to pay no heed to his requesting subordinate.

“We’ll be arriving on Orion in a few hours,” the subordinate finished.

“Thank you, Rowall,” the captain spoke, still not looking away from the subject of his attention. “You know you don’t have to call me that, right?” The captain questioned, finally looking up.

“I know, but’s fun to call you captain,” Rowall grinned at his friend. “I’ll be working in the lab when we land if you need me.” The captain gave a grunt of confirmation. Rowall started to walk out of the bridge, then stopped at the door and turned his head back to his friend and captain.

“Get some rest, Oz. You look terrible.” There was no indication that the other was still listening.
The slow night has nearly ended. Almost time to leave, simmer, and start the cycle over again and again. But alarms rang for the Delta Blues in the unfortunate man’s ear. Sighing, exasperated beyond the life of him, he grabbed his navy blue badge and headed out with his coworkers to find whatever wayward soul who committed petty theft.

Looking at the report; he gathered information about an Old Age flower going to the embassy for decoration. The evidence on the wall and the flashing images on the projected board gave him even more information than the other enforcers.

He knows the culprit.
She can’t hide anymore; she’s stuck in such an isolated crevasse, attempting to leave now would get her seized. All that’s left is to hope and plead with the universe to let her get away with this one.

It’s not as bad as her other offensives, she thought. But the state of urgency it’s caused has the girl questioning the frivolous value of the crystalized carcass she now possesses.

The girl looks into her hands to stare at the aurora of few colors shining back at her.

All of this over a single flower.
I am not my face
I am not my glasses
I’m not my clothes
And I’m not the words thrown at me

The little things make all the difference
The smallest compliments make my day
The slightest of insults can break me
It’s not my enemies but my friends that scare me

I am not the brand shoes I don’t wear
I am not the absence of make up
I’m not the words I don’t say
And I’m not the people who talk around me.

To my friends who ignore me
From the girl who shouldn’t mind
To the peers who misunderstand
From the girl who shouldn’t care

I am my genuine smile
I am the friends I chose to make
I’m the words I say
And I have yet to become all I am


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