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  • They do not have a set religion and do not have their actions dictated others.
  • While there is no traditional government within the tribes, they do have impromptu leaders if ones are needed.
  • There is no currency within tribes; resources are either shared throughout the tribe or traded to another tribe. 
  • Terra-Humans have tattoos that cover and adorn their bodies achieved by; aging, accomplishments, occupation, and skill. 
  • There are no boundaries or expectations of a single gender; the only thing that differs within gender are pronouns and how clothing fits.

  • Though there is no government, tribes do have their own sets of laws agreed upon by the inhabitants.
  • If one were to break these laws, the punishment would be decided by the community; there is no one set punishment to breaking a law


  • The Terra-Humans take pride in their jewelry making, architecture, and artisan crafts.
    •  Their clothes are also handmade and specified for each task; such as casual living, hunting, ceremonial, etc.
  • Energy crystals, usable or not, are often incorporated into building, clothes, furniture, and especially jewelry.


  • Hunter: Those who bring food, such as meat and protein, back to the tribe.
    • Scout: Those who spot where animals migrate and what patterns they have.        

    • Warrior: The ones who go to kill and skin the prey.
  • Gatherer: Collectors of wild fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc 
    • Picker: The ones who actually go out and gather.
    • Cataloguer: The ones who collect information about the what, where, and when.
  • Caretaker: Those who take care of the young, elderly, and in training.
    • Teacher: A specific type of caretaker that trains the young.
  • Farmer: Those who grow fruits and vegetables and raise livestock.
  • Seamstress: Those who make an array of clothes for the people of the tribe.
  • Architect: Designer (and most often part of the labor) of constructs.
  • Healer: Those who treat the sick and injured.
  • Alchemist: Those who make a variety of different mixtures for misc. purposes.
  • Artisan: Those who design (and help design) and make pottery, jewelry, furniture, tools, clothes.

* Everyone in the tribe helps with manual labor, cooking, and the raising of children. 

Also known as: Homo Terra

Origin: descendents of Homo sapiens; they were humans that were mutated and evolved quickly over thousands of years on an inhospitable Earth. 

Life Span: 140 - 150 years

Diet: Omnivorous 

Physical Features: jungle regions (main)

  • Number of eyes: 2-4 
  • Eye colors: light hues of brown, blue, red, and green
  • Number of limbs: 4 - 6; 2 - 4 arms, 2 legs
  • Average height: 6'10 - 7'1
  • Hair color: black, white, grey, or bald
  • Feet: felidae-like legs, three front toes and one hind toe
  • Hands: Five elongated fingers
  • Other features: 0-1 tails, tough, pale skin, arm span is slightly longer than height. 

Description: Terra-Humans are descended from Humans that were left behind when the population left Earth for Mars as the planet became dangerous and inhospitable from rapid terraforming. The humans that survived these occurrences were becoming mutated by the release of dangerous chemicals into the air. 

As civilizations crumbled from destruction, the stray humans succumbed to madness, either from the chemicals or hysteria, the Earth was transforming with new life. 

Thousands of years later the terraformed humans settled into a new society without much concern from the old one. They constructed homes in the dense wildlife of jungles and forests, underwater, on mountains, and in desolate wastelands. 

Now, in the year 8257, three hundred years after humans returned to Earth from their space colonies, most all humans have no knowledge of the Terra-Humans while the Terra-Humans are all too aware of the growing civilizations that threaten to invade their territories. They see the returning humans as outsiders and invaders, only kept at bay by the agreement the human government made to not invade if they don't. 


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